I would love to share with you a few of the things, people, places that I love. There is more I could add to this list but it is a good start.

Top of the list for things I love has to be spending time with my mom. One of the smartest, funniest people I know with an endless amount of love.

Top ten pretty

Mom and I  

The outdoors! My heart soars when I am walking amongst the trees. Being outside has always been the highlight of my day.

Cypress mountain

Cypress Mountain Nordic ski on a Friday afternoon.

Music. All kinds of music. Everything from classical, to Radiohead to the jazz masters.

Pretty. One of my all time favourite cosmetic items is the Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip And Cheek Stain. You can use this for lipstick, blush and in a pinch, I have also rubbed a little on my eyelids for some colour. Love this!


Just Kissed Lip Stain

Travel. I have done a fair bit of traveling (watch for more blogs on this soon!) and everyone asks me where is my favourite place to visit? It is tricky to pick one spot, but if I was going to spend one week anywhere, it would probably be Byron Bay, Australia. Gorgeous and easy going.

Bryon_Bay_NSW (1)

Books. Falls into the same category as music. I have a fairly broad spectrum of books that I like to read. If it is well written and an interesting topic I will be there.


Pretty Hair. They say it is the first thing that people notice about you when they meet you. I love getting my hair done. Especially getting my haircut, it feels so good and fresh afterwards.


Creativity, innovation on all fronts. It could be in any area. I am most interested in people who are looking at things from a new perspective and laying down an inventive path on how our world could be. It is really hard to make a list for this category, there are so many people and ideas I have come across.

But a good example of this is Sebastian Farmborough and the work he is doing to break down stereotypes and create more peace in the world.

Vancouver art gallery

An amazing evening of creativity at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Grouse Grind. Also known as nature’s stairmaster. Call it what you will, I love it. I first started doing the Grind in 1998 when there were no stairs. My friend Jane asked me if I wanted to try a new hike after work. I said ok. There you have it, 17 years later and I am still making my way up the side of the mountain.  Little known fact, I was a Grouse Grind Ambassador one year!

I could write a whole post on the Grind. I have made so many friends on the mountain, had so many laughs and such a great time hiking this trail.

Grouse Grind

Grouse Grind another happy place.

Healthy. I feel so much gratitude that where I live there is amply opportunity to eat healthy. You may be reading this and yawning. But hey, I have been to other parts of the world where people unfortunately don’t have access to healthy food and clean water. For this, everyday I am grateful to eat yummy fruits and veggies. Hopefully, in the future there will be increased access to nutritious food and clean water for all.

Healthy pretty

One of my weekly salads! I make enough for a few days and nosh at it throughout the week..

Seymour. He is the bonus to my top ten list. If I didn’t include him, he will rip up my newspapers, sit on my keyboard when I am trying to work and meow endlessly.

Top Tips on Keeping Your Cat or Dog Healthy

Seymour supervises my blog writing

Thanks for reading the Top Ten Things I Love ~ All Things Pretty, Travel And The Outdoors!