I am eager to find out the hottest new hair trends for 2015!

Recently I was lucky enough to speak with celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin of Mane Addicts.


Jen Atkin Celebrity Hair Stylist

Jen has styled hair for some of the most glamorous and trendsetting stars: Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Cindy Crawford, and Christina Hendricks to name a few.

Jen was a part of the hair team on Madonna’s 2006 “Confessions” tour. She also worked on numerous Fashion Runway shows in NYC and Paris including: Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Marchesa, and Christian Dior.

Jen shared with me her thoughts on the hottest hair trends for 2015.

What are the top style trends for 2015?

Chopping off inches. It’s an “everyone’s doing it” scenario and in the new year it’s only going to increase. New year, new life, new hair!

What are the top hair colour trends for 2015?

Winter blondes! So many celebs have opted out from going dark and are keeping their summer highlights or going lighter! I think the New Year will be filled with fans following suit.

Subtle balayaged streaks, focused on the front, (not quite Geri Halliwell) but just enough to add shimmer and youth.

Rich reds. Translation, we’ve still got some time before the summers sun and saltwater strip the vibrancy. We’ll be seeing people take advantage of this godsend of a moment.

Rainbow brights. These fun hues are around to stay, since crossing over from pastime Kool-Aid reminiscing to downright chic.

Shades of brown with multi-dimensional cool-tone highlights.

I also spoke with a top local stylist in Vancouver, Jessica Van Kuyk at Suki’s Salon. Jessica is a master colour designer, principal hair colour instructor, artistic director and L’oreal Professionnel colour ambassador.

Jessica shared with me her views on the top trends for 2015.

The hot trends in hairstyles for 2015

They are inspired by current music festival fashion and late 1960s rock n’ roll fashion. For short to medium length hair the shag is back-shorter choppy layers with lots of texture, the shattered graduated bob, longer hair is layered with a mod inspired fringe.


Hot Hair Trends For 2015!

Global icy blondes with shattered bob hairstyles.

The finish is what makes these looks fresh and current. Grungier and texture, intentionally dishevelled looking. Products play a key role in this — L’oreal Professionnel Next day hair spray and pixie pomade help to achieve a lived in look.


The layering a texturizing techniques can be adjusted to suit different hair textures. The looks are appropriate for a wide age range. Jessica herself, has a shattered graduated bob — the look is classic and playful.

Hot Hair Trends For 2015!

The key to maintaining a great hairstyle to come is to come regularly to the salon — every six to eight weeks. These looks are about shattered structure, so full haircut might not be necessary every visit.

Hair colour trends can easily be adapted.

Pale silvery blonde highlights can be incorporated in a highlight service. For those not wanting the maintenance of a global blonde tint. The Balayage and ombré looks are less maintenance as they have a shaded re-growth.

Some of Jessica’s Balayage clients maintain their highlights as infrequently as every six months. It is recommend to have a gloss treatment every eight weeks between a Balayage highlight. Service to maintain tone and shine. And it is also a great idea to adjust your makeup to suit the new haircolour.

With a pale icy blonde hair colour your skin and brows will look more prominent — concealer, light reflecting powder, brow powder and setting gel will all add to your new look.

Hot Hair Trends For 2015!


To ensure optimum hair colour longevity

It is recommend to use a sulfate free shampoo, rinsing with cooler water, using a thermal protectant when blow drying and/or using hot tools.

A global tint needs to be retouched every four to eight weeks. Balayage highlighting/ombré colour services a lower maintenance. Every three to six months.

At home kits will give you a one dimensional look — leave it to the professionals to give you a multidimensional look that is custom designed for you.

For men we are seeing two hot new looks for 2015

The first, a return to barbering, fades with disconnected length on top — styled in a deep side part.

The second — longer lengths with tapered ends — lived in texture.

I am excited about these new hair colour and styles for 2015!

Please share your comments. Your suggestions are always welcome, as I continue on my journey to enjoy life to the fullest.