Do you ever wonder which colours look best on you? Or how to keep your makeup looking amazing all day long?

Here are a few of my favourites and top tips I have learned from leading makeup artists. I list all of my favourite products at the bottom of the blog post.


Primer lays the foundation for your makeup base and is an important part of our make up routine. Primer holds your makeup in place and also provides a wonderful base for your foundation.

To apply the primer, I blend together the foundation (below) and my favourite primer in a small dish.

Another tip, when you are pouring the foundation or primer and too much comes out (this has happened to me!) put the excess into a small dish and use it the next day. I got this idea from watching make up artists blend different foundations together.

Here are my steps for Perfect Primer and Foundation:

  • Take out a small dish
  • Pour in a small amount of primer (about 1/4 ratio to the foundation)
  • Next pour in the foundation
  • Mix together primer and foundation with a foundation brush
  • Then use the foundation brush to apply small dots of the mix to the centre of your face
  • Dot the mix down the centre of your face. Start with the forehead and work your way down to the nose and chin. Then sweep the foundation mix outwards (towards the hairline, ears and chin) covering the entire face
  • Finish with a blender brush to create a beautiful polished look!

Photos of the Steps:

Step # 1 – blend the primer and foundation together.

Step # 2 – apply a small amount of the foundation and primer mix to a brush. Dot the centre of face and sweep out.

Step # 3 – use a blender brush (my favourite makeup tool!) to smooth out any of the lines or unevenness of the foundation.

The next step can give anyone a beautiful glow.

Blush and Bronzers

I love bronzers. They bring a nice glow to my face all year around.

I also use a blush, but I am careful not to over do it.

They key to perfect blush and bronzer application are the brushes. Also, big tip I learned from makeup artists (with all types of makeup application) start with a small amount and apply lightly and build the colour. It is much easier to build colour and impact than to take away.

Here are my steps for perfect bronzer and blush looks:

  • Using a blush brush apply the bronzer powder – then blow off the excess bronzer powder before you start applying
  • Apply the bronzer in a C motion – from the top cheek (closest to the nose) to the end of the cheek and up along to the top centre of the forehead
  • Dot the nose and chin
  • Grab the blush brush and wipe off bronzer with a tissue. Then lightly dab translucent setting powder (blow off excess) – apply to the high points of your cheekbones and lightly over the face
  • Use a contour brush to apply a small amount of blush (very small amount!)
  • Dust the blush in the hollow parts of your cheek bones, lightly along the jaw line and temples of the forehead
  • Using a bigger blush brush, blend the bronzer, powder and blush lightly. This gives a beautiful blended look

Step # 1 – apply bronzer with blush brush

Step # 2 – make sure the bronzer is off of the brush (wipe with a tissue) and apply a small amount of setting powder to the brush


Step # 3 – Using a contour brush, very lightly apply blush in the hollow of your cheeks, touch your temples and jaw line

Perfect Eyes

You only need two brushes for the eyes. The applicator brush and the blending brush. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by the brushes, they are super helpful for makeup application and will make your look even and polished (they make eye-shadow so much easier to apply too!).

Here are my steps for perfect eye-shadow and eyebrows:

  • Start with wiping off your eye-shadow brushes before applying new colour. This keeps your look fresh.
  • Apply the lighter eye shadow shades first on the high part of the eyes (closest to the brows) and on the inside corner of the eyes and then apply the darker shade to the middle inner crease of the eye lids (I can speak to my eye shape, if you have more of a hidden eye lid you might want to use lighter shades).
  • Then use a blending brush, gently blend the eye-shadows together for a polished look
  • You can add an eyeliner too! Big tip – if you like to use eyeliner – apply the eyeliner first to the top lid – then your eye shadow, this gives a softer more polished look to the eyeliner.
  • Eyebrows – look for a powder so much easier to apply and blend. Sweeping strokes with the powder and blend with the eyebrow brush.

Step # 1 – apply eye shadow with an eye shadow brush

Step # 2 – Blend the eye-shadow with a blending brush.

Step # 3 – Eyebrows start from the inside of the brow (closest to the nose) and gently sweep outwards (towards the hairline). Blend, blend, blend with the brush. Having colour in your brows can really make a lovely look.

Luscious Lips

Lipstick in one makeup tool that is easy to apply and can bring brightness to any look.

If I am in a hurry and going to work out or grocery shopping (casual, easy looks) then I love lip gloss. One that moisturizes and also gives me some light colour.

When I am going to meetings or out for a fun evening, then I use a nice lipstick. To be honest, I only started using a lip brush for lipstick. The lip stick brush does seem to help for a smoother, more even lip look.

Here are my steps for perfect lips:

  • Apply a generous amount of lip balm and let it soak in. My lips always feel dry, so this is an essential step.
  • Take the lip gloss or lip stick and apply from the centre part of the lip and work your way out.
  • Q-tips work wonderful to remove any excess amounts around the lips.
  • Blot with a tissue and apply a small amount on the inside lip again.

I know there are plenty of lip primers and plumpers out there. I am still experimenting with them and will let you know what kind of success I have with them.

I hope you enjoyed these makeup tips, I would love to hear from you!

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